Occurrence of the number 42


How many eyes are there in a deck of cards - 42

A Playtex Wonderbra® consists of 42 individual parts

Miller Pilsner has 4.2% alcohol

A new species of fish was discovered in Fiordland, New Zealand and named Fiordichthys slartibartfasti. The paper was accepted for publication by Journal of Natural History on 11 March 1994 - Douglas Adams' 42nd birthday

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? 42

There are three ocurrences of 42 in the Song "A Hundred Bottles of Beer On The Wall"

In September 1995 there were two 4.2 earthqakes in California in one week

Found in the German postcode-register:

06420 Lebendorf (Leben = life),

06542 Allstedt (All = universe) and

88422 Alleshausen (Alles = everything).

Now what do these postcodes have in common? And these 3 cities are located on a straight line and do not form a triangle as you would expect!

Star Trek Related Sightings

Episode of Star Trek, "Clues", Whoopi Goldberg is supposed to meet Patrick Stewart on holo-deck 4 at 2 O'clock

There are 42 decks on the Enterprise NCC1701-D (the Next Generation ship)

In an episode of Star Trek Voyager, first aired on April 17, 1995, when the ship enters a "nebulae / alien being", the density around the ship increases 42%

The Antimatter generator is on deck 42 --which, as any physicist will tell you, is an impossibility. Proof that Starfleet is really using an Infinite Improbability engine in their starships...

In a Star Trek DS9 episode (the one with the alien lass in the wheelchair due to gravitational differences), there's a conversation between Quark and some sort of alien trader bloke that runs something like...

"How many rings have you got to sell?"

"Forty two."

"Forty two?"

In the ST:TNG episode where Data is added to the trader's collection, the tricyanate concentration in the water is 42 parts per million

In the Star Trek episode 'The best of both worlds pt.2', the Enterprise is chasing the Borg. At a certain point, Acting Captain Riker asks how long it will take for the Borg to reach Earth. '27 minutes' is the reply. When he asks how long it will take for the Enterprise, the answer is '42 minutes'

In the movie "Star Trek: Generations" while Picard and Data are in stellar cartography Picard asks, "How long until the energy ribbon enters this sector?" The answer: "Approximately 42 hours"

Episode 42 of Star trek:tng introduses the Borg

Episode 42 of Deep Space 9 introduces the alternate universe.

There is a British series called "4.2 Children"


The average dormancy of an active volcano is 42 years.

The fastest speed for a land animal for 1 mile is 42mph (Guiness, page 59).

Greatest recorded distance covered by one jump of a kangaroo is 42 feet (Guiness, page 71).

The longest lava flow recorded is 42 miles (Guiness, page 129).

The worlds widest conveyor belt is 42 feet wide (Guiness, page 335).

The largest shoes ever sold were size 42 (Guiness, page 361).

A barrel contains 42 gallons.

The time it took for one person to eat an entire ox was 42 hours (Guiness, page 492)

42 occurs infinitely many times in then number PI.

When PI is rounded to the third decimal place contains the number 42

Consider the following: ( ( 1 * 2 * 3 ) - 4 + 5 ) * 6 = 42

.42 is the natural vibration frequency of human DNA (Ha! Ha!)

8.42 is the natural vibration frequency of white mouse DNA. (Ha! Ha!)

It is 4.2 light-years to the nearest star from our solar-system?

The chamber in the Cheops pyramid is exactly 42 metres over the ground

The total number of dots on a pair of dice is 42

42 is 4 tens and 2 ones. 4 is the only perfect number (the number is a perfect square AND it is the only number to have the same number of letters as the number represents) 2 squared is 4, the perfect number.

Take ANY number, square its digits, and then add them up. Do the same thing with the answer. If you keep doing this indefinitely your final answer will either be a 1, or you'll enter a loop of solutions that -culminate- with the number 42!!!!!